The Scents of Tea

Tea Aroma Kit



First of its kind science based tea aroma kit!

Actual Scents Found In Tea


 Forty five (45) most common scents found in tea!

These Tea Aroma Kits include the actual scent chemicals that develop during the processing of tea. Learn the  common name as well as the chemical name.

Set of Flashcards to help learn the scents in a fun and engaging manner.

Tea Scent Fan™


In partnership with Dr. Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace, our tea aroma kit enables you to learn how the tea processing steps affect the aromas in tea!

Learn how the scents develop in our specially designed scent fan which links the scents to the production step and tea type in which they are produced. 

Professional, Starter & Enthusiast Kits


Professional Tea Aroma Kit Includes: Guidebook, 45 scent vials, flashcards, and Tea Scent Fan™ in a deluxe bamboo box.


Other kits available - All include guidebook, flashcards, and Tea Scent Fan™ in a bamboo box: Starter Kit with 32 scents and Enthusiast Kit with 18 scents.

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